Do I really need a lawyer?

I am often asked this question during my initial meeting with clients.

In response to this question, I often reflect on my own plumbing experiences where,
after buying all the required parts and following the directions, invariably a leak appears.
When I finally call a plumber, the work is done in a fraction of the time and there are
no leaks. Why? Because the plumber possesses knowledge and experience in his
profession. The same is true with legal representation by an attorney in the area of law for
which he is hired, such as workers compensation.

Unless you know the law and have handled cases on a daily basis for years, you cannot
know if you are receiving everything to which you are entitled under the law, including
the potential trial or settlement value of your case. This is particularly important in
light of a number of “employer friendly” changes to the Illinois Workers Compensation
Act that became effective in September. 2011.

Hiring an experienced workers compensation lawyer to represent you in a claim is a simple process – the initial consultation is always free and, with few exceptions, the attorney’s statutory 20% contingency fee is paid out of the final award or settlement.