I keep hearing a lot about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What is it and can it be caused by my work?

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in the wrist formed by the carpal bones and the transverse carpal ligament through which travel nine flexor tendons and the median nerve. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed against the transverse carpal ligament, causing pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the fingers, hand and sometimes the arm.

While there are a number of causes and/or risk factors for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it has generally been understood and accepted that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by trauma or jobs that involve highly repetitive tasks and/or improper ergonomics. Examples are assembly line work, cashier or keyboard use.

Under certain circumstances, if you are diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it was caused or aggravated by your work, you may be entitled to benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

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